This Product was originally developed to curb the problem of losing laptops to theft especially in urban areas.It later evolved to be used even other electronics. The Blackbox is a hardware with specialized software that you can use to track your laptop/computer, Spy (eavesdrop on conversations), have internet on the go and more.


The Matrix Blackbox is a revolutionary innovation developed by Nerdcorp that transforms your electronics to being personal and cool again.

Summery specs

Length          : 9.5cm

width            : 5.3cm

Breadth         : 0.3cm

Gps                :Yes

Google maps link

Longitude & Latitude

Speed & Bearing

Road, street address

Triangulation :Yes

- Callback function

- WI-FI Hot spot

- Blue-tooth

- Sim-card :Any

- Text messaging :yes

- manual reboot: yes

- Backup power :Yes


We developed the Matrix Blackbox with a variety of features that we will also keep upgrading from time to time. Top features that come with version 1.0 are as follows:


Gps Tracking





In developing the Matrix Blackbox we realy took our time to innovate its design. We  Worked hard to ensure that though we will be building every chip by hand, we shall make it as presentable as possible.

0.3 cm

5.3 cm

Sim Card Slot


Memory Card Slot

Side view

Back view

Front view


We have worked on a packaging that is convenient and elegant. We have put all the essentials inside to ensure you enjoy the experience. Inside there is also a manual on how to install and use that is simple and detailed to the point.

Simple to use

The Matrix Blackbox is pre-configured to respond to certain text based commands. These commands trigger certain functionalities. We developed it on this principle so that you can use it with any phone type you please. Once You install a simcard on the Blackbox chip, you can enjoy all the features stated via direct texting the line number on it.

1. Using GPS/Gprs to Track

This functionality works via text messaging .

To use this feature text the word "Find" to the number of the simcard in the tracker and the tracker will text you back its coordinates, bearing, speed (if it’s in a moving vehicle)  street address and Google maps link. You can use any phone number to do this



At times GPS can be unavailable since it relies on a direct line of sight with a satellite eg in case the tracker is under a thick concrete building. In the event GPS is unavailable it will give back an SMS answer based on the network location of where it is.This is a backup feature on gps failure. The network based location will normally have a small margin of error which it tells you in terms of accuracy radius.

2. Spying / Eavesdropping

To use this feature send a text message with the word “listen” to the simcards number on the tracker and the tracker will call you back on loud speaker mode which will let you  listen to conversations around the laptop.


The eavesdrop feature allows you to get to here what is going on around your laptop which can aid you in identifying various sounds close to your laptop during the tracking process which can help you zero in on activities close to your lost laptop.




see video of this here or on social media links below

3. Wi-fi

The functionality comes on by default. Despite this you can also trigger the hotspot to turn on or off by texting the simcard on the tracker "hotspot on" to turn it on and "hotspot off to turn it off. The Wi-Fi hotspot is created around the laptop  and can be used for two purposes:


i) It can be used for internet surfing purposes. Hence the tracker acts as modem for the laptop to surf the internet from. Other devices such as tablets and phones can also connect and use the Wi-Fi.


ii) During tracking process it can be used to

estimate the distance one is from the laptop by taking note on the signal strength of the Wi-Fi



Every Tracker is custom Made with its own unique WI-FI name and password to ensure anonymity and security to be with the user.

One off price:

$ 80 USD

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